Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gamestorming the Weekly!

Andrew Lenards, photo by Kym Moschgot
Take a look at Mari Hernandez's interview with this Week's speaker, Andrew Lenards. The highlight for me was this interaction:
Would you say gamestorming offers us a different way to make changes?Not to get philosophical, but often, we need to question reality more. If everything you're doing doesn't feel right, maybe you should do something different. We do a lot of things, especially in business, because that's the way it's always been done. ... I think of Alistair Cockburn (and his) oath of non-allegiance, that "I will use any tool at any time to get the job done." ... I don't want to throw away any classical tools, but ... I don't want to ignore things that other people are doing that might work.
I just spoke with Andy and he has some really fun things planned for us.

P.S. I had booked the 4th Floor Board Room, but it seats only about 30! Come to the 4th floor reception desk anyway. Tillie will know where on the 4th floor we have moved it to.

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