Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Ideas for Helping our Neighborhoods and Public Spaces

Neighborland in action
What do you want in your neighborhood? A grocery store? A bike path? a community garden?

What if we could easily share and sort through ideas for our neighborhoods, and then organize to make them reality? Recently two new webservices have formed that are focused on empowering community members to work together to improve our neighborhoods and public spaces.

One such website is Neighborland, where people can "share ideas and insights for their city, support neighbors’ ideas, and connect with people who share their interests." How does it work? I will let them explain it:

And just today I came across Spacehive, an initiative from the UK that adds in the possibility of crowdsourced funding for projects. [Article on Shareable]

The bad news is that neither Spacehive nor Neighborland have extended coverage to Arizona yet. We'll keep our ears open!

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