Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinterest Tips

Below are my notes about Pinterest, prepared for yesterday's panel.

Should I start an account? Ask these questions:

  • Are my demographics a good fit?
  • What topics relate to my purpose that people are talking about
    & sharing?
  • How will Pinterest fit with my other social media accounts?
  • What is “success?” What are my goals? (these may well change)
  • How will I know that I am successful?
  • Who will contribute to the account? Do there need to be rules?

Advantages, Disadvantages

  •  Little overhead: no design time, can create presence very quickly
  •  High level of sharing, virality
  • Completely visual
  • Poor mobile interface for sharing
  • Monitoring/management tools (ie Hootsuite) haven’t caught up
  • Content is so different, can be time consuming to add to the mix

Create account & starter content

  •  Use keywords in your account profile to enable discovery
  • Add “Pin it” button to your toolbar
  • Search out your peers and follow them; watch for ideas
  • Start with minimum of 5 boards, have fun with the titles
  • Start monitoring what is pinned from your website (“source” search)

Develop following, encourage growth

  •  Add pins regularly
  • Add “Pin it” to blog posts share your pins on Facebook & Twitter
  • Add the Pinterest app to your Facebook page (It will add a badge to top)
  • Explore keywords using Pinterest’s own search tool; “like” and comment on pages you would like to interact with
  • Add Pinterest links to your website and paper publicity
  • Explore keywords using a search engine like google. Search for terms like “xxx on Pinterest”
  • Use #hashtags centered on your goals, like #Tucson #dogs #art #sunsets, picking ones people are likely to be searching.


  • Tap into emotion, know what motivates your audience
  • Have fun, write creatively
  • Descriptions are important
  • Be selective. Create, hunt and pin the best of the best
  • Share from your website (uploads won’t link back)
  • Credit your sources
  • Consider crowdsourcing pins


  • Skip the hard sell and direct, overt marketing
  • Don't be egocentric; focus outside your business to your larger community
  • Infrequency
  • Poor quality images
  • Disorganized boards where the pins don't match the desription

Polish and extend your page

  • Choose interesting photos for your board covers, and adjust cropping
  • Arrange your boards high interest --> low interest
  • Experiment with content and monitor response
  • Listen to your customers/clientele/members for topics
  • Watch your peers for ideas
  • Experiment & take chances; remember this is a new medium and you won’t really know what works for you until you try it

You have a good following? Get creative, try promotions

  •  Contests
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Crowdsource recommendations

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