Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship Booklist

From today's handout, Here is a list of all of the PCPL books on social entrepreneurship.

Abrams, Rhonda M. En-tre-pre-neur-ship: a real-world approach: hands-on guide for today's entrepreneur.
CALL # 658.11 Ab837e 2012.

Albion, Mark S. True to yourself: leading a values-based business.
CALL # 658.4092 AL149t 2009 CD. [AUDIOBOOK]

Arrillaga-Andreessen, Laura. Giving 2.0: transform your giving and our world.
CALL # 361.74 Ar695g 2012.

Elkington, John. The power of unreasonable people: how social entrepreneurs create markets that change the world.
CALL # 361.70688 El525p 2008.

Frankel, Carl. The art of social enterprise: business as if people mattered.
CALL # 658.408 F8518a 2013.

LaPorte, Danielle. The fire starter sessions.
CALL # 158.1 L3156f 2012.

Lynch, Kevin. Mission, Inc.: a practitioner's guide to social enterprise.
CALL # 361.7068 L9915m 2009.

Mackey, John. Conscious capitalism: liberating the heroic spirit of business.
CALL # 174.4 M1999c 2013.

Mycoskie, Blake. Start something that matters.
CALL # 658.408 M991s 2011.

Sirolli, Ernesto. How to start a business and ignite your life.
CALL # 658.11 Si79h 2012.

Steffen, Alex, ed. Worldchanging: a user's guide for the 21st century.
CALL # 333.7 W89388 2011.

Strong, Michael. Be the solution: how entrepreneurs and conscious capitalists can solve all the world's problems.
CALL # 658.408 St891b 2009.

Yunus, Muhammad. Building social business: the new kind of capitalism that serves humanity's most pressing needs.
CALL # 658.408 Y926b 2010.

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