Friday, November 22, 2013

Where to Read More about L3Cs

What is an L3C?

An L3C, or "low-profit limited liability company" is a for-profit company where the investors accept limited dividends. (Source: panelist Sy Rotter)

But Really, What is It?
Effective Social Enterprise - a Menu of Legal Structures, by Robert A. Wexler, from The Exempt Organization Tax Review, June 2009.

Social Enterprise Attorney Explains the Benefit Corporation, L3C, and Flexible Purpose Corporation [Video] from Social Enterprise Buzz, December 2012.

Corporate Creativity: The Vermont L3C & Other Developments in Social Entrepreneurship, a Symposium, February 2010.

To L3C or Not to L3C? That was the Question, by Richard Marker, February 2013.

How To
Corporation Division of the State of Vermont resources

Organized Support
Americans for Community Development

Net Impact

Legislative History
History of the 2011 Bill, AZ SB 1503
This bill passed the Arizona Senate but was tabled in the House.

The L3C, Background & Legislative Issues, by Robert Lang, January 2013.

I am tremendously grateful to Sy Rotter (Washington Liaison Office LLC), Dr. Paul Melendez (UA Eller College of Management), Priscilla Mendenhall (Dishes and Stories), Michelle Lutz (Custos Fratris), Meredith Aronson, and Elizabeth Alvarez del Castillo for sharing their time and expertise on our Nov. 21, 2013 Catalyst Café panel.

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