Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Freelancer Confidential, a Catalyst Café (Highlights & Links)

First of all, a big thank you to our speakers,
I loved how you helped everyone get an idea of the variety of ways people can approach freelancing.

And an announcement! The Library Idea+Space's FIRST After Hours (Freelancer's Union) meeting is January 14 at 6pm, and the topic is "How to grow your client list." We are the only location in Tucson for their monthly After Hours programs.

Recommended Websites
Recommended Books
  • Entrepreneur's Edge: The Arizona Dept of Commerce has an book called Entrepreneur's Edge that's available in print at the library (658.022 G9404) or online. In particular, their chapter two has links to tons of additional resources for freelancers. The library also has it in Spanish.
  • 168 Hours by Linda Vanderkam (658.4093 V284o 2010 at the library). There are 168 hours in a week. Where does your time really go?
Experience (some paraphrased)
"There's no question everything has changed since I started, and lots of the opportunities I had when I started writing about music no longer exist." --Linda Ray

When I was starting out I asked other designers "How did you do that?" and they just wouldn't share. As a result, "I'm painfully transparent," in case it helps others.  --Dennis J. Fesenmyer

How do you set your price points? "It depends." --everyone.

The sign of a busy, successful freelancer is an out-of-date website. It's just the reality -- you don't have enough time.

Don't be afraid to tell someone you're "not the best fit," and refer them to someone who is.

"When times are rough? You just work through it." --Dennis Fesenmyer

Some professional organizations can help a lot -- if you get involved (don't just join) --Brenda Huettner

Quotable Quotes
"Be careful what you get good at." --Linda Ray

"Never stop talking to people about what you do. And ask for referrals" --Brenda Huettner

"Stay agile." --Linda Ray

B.B. King once told Linda Ray "If you're really good people will help you out."

"Live small" --Linda Ray

"Never burn bridges." --Brenda Huettner

Linda Ray: Good LinkedIn Groups for Writers

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