Thursday, March 28, 2013

April Panel to Feature SxSW News

I'm writing very quickly, but I just wanted to let you know that the panel for April is coming together up nicely.

Over 27,000 people went to South by Southwest Interactive this month. Among them were a handful of lucky Tucsonans.

What is South by Southwest Interactive? One of the largest technology conferences in the world, one that specializes in the social side of the internet. Software entrepreneurs, social media managers, nonprofit public relations staff, doctors, writers, artists, programmers, community organizers, and many others all attend.

The April Café speakers will all be Tucsonans who were there this year, and we'll be sharing news of the best of the sessions we attended. And because we would love for more Tucsonans to go, we'll also be talking about how they chose the sessions for the conference.

Confirmed for the panel:
  • Aaron Eden, director of Gangplank Tucson, co-founder & CEO of Webglimmer Internet Solutions, HR Product Manager at Intuit.
  • Brenda Huettner, technical writer at P-N Designs
  • Me, Lisa Bunker, PCPL Social Media Librarian
I participated in workshops on how to measure social media success, and how nonprofits can tell their story effectively. I also got to hear Bob Garfield, author of Can't Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results talk about what it was like at PBS when the news about Big Bird broke, and how they responded. There was so much more, I am still processing it!

I hope to see you April 9th at 5:30pm in the 4th floor Boardroom of the Main Library, 101 N. Stone, in downtown Tucson. Parking is free under the library after 5pm.

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