Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SxSW Highlights and Links

Getting ready, now we just need coffee and people!
I told friends that I was so exhilarated after yesterday's Café that I missed my exit from the highway driving home. It was a very fun evening.

We had a great audience, mostly social media professionals from area nonprofits, all there to hear about what we learned at South by Southwest Interactive (SxSW) last month.

By "we" I mean me (Lisa Bunker), Brenda Huettner, and Aaron Eden. We all went to SxSW for different reasons and work in different fields, so I knew it would be an interesting and wide-ranging conversation. It was. Let's see. We talked about:
  • Sketchnoting, specifically the work that ImageThink is doing, and wondered if there was anyone here in Tucson doing this. It would be a great way to capture what is discussed at town hall-type meetings.
  • Sketchnotes for SxSW 2013, which are online-only. I displayed samples from my collection from previous conferences.
  • Using Twitter combined with Storify for notetaking. If you take notes live during a presentation you can use them to build a richer story with Storify. Storify lets you pull in images and information from other sources in addition to your own Twitter notes. Let's face it sometimes a talk is so fascinating the notes get sketchy. Storify lets you pull in information like photos you took, images from the speaker's slidedeck (if they shared it online), and notes that other people posted online. If I go to a really great presentation I use Storify to share it with my coworkers and supervisor.
And that was before we started!

OK, here are the links we promised:

Aaron Eden
Twitter: @aaroneden
LinkedIn: Aaron Eden
Website: Gangplank

Aaron Eden's links
Black Founder's Conference
Intuit at SxSW

Brenda Huettner
Twitter:  @bphuettner
LinkedIn: Brenda Huettner
Website: Communication Vagabond

Brenda Huettner's links
South by Southwest V2V in Las Vegas
One Hundred-Year Spaceship (NASA/JPL)
Brenda's photos taken with the Lytro camera
The SxSW proposal process ("Panelpicker")

Lisa Bunker
Twitter: @mutabilis, @pimalibrary
Facebook:  Pima County Public Library
LinkedIn:  Lisa Bunker
Website:   (this blog)

Lisa Bunker's links
Use the 2013 schedule to listen to audio!
SxSW Keynote videos: Tina Roth Eisenberg, Bre Pettis (Makerbot), Al Gore, Stephen Wolfram, and more.
Creative Mornings, an interesting meetup concept begun by Tina Roth Eisenberg
11 Life Lessons from Tina Roth Eisenberg, notes by Nadia Neophytou

Books mentioned
Can't Buy Me Like by Bob Garfield and Doug Levy
Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde
The networked nonprofit: connecting with social media to drive change by Beth Kanter
Measuring the networked nonprofit: using data to change the world by Beth Kanter and Katie Delahaye Paine

Other SxSW sessions referred to at Café
Make Me Care: Digital Storytelling to Affect Change (my Storify notes)
What Marketers Should Ask Themselves About Social (my Storify notes)

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