Monday, May 13, 2013

Topic change for May, June is still awesome

Hi everyone, there's a last-minute topic change.

Tomorrow's Café will be a Drop-in Social Media Help Session for businesses and nonprofits.
Location: Catalina Room, 2nd floor of Main Library, 101 N. Stone.
Day, time: Tuesday, May 13, 5:30-7:00pm.

The Cafés are necessarily seat-of-my-pants. Only once has a program come to me, I typically will have an idea and then go out and find people who can speak to it.

A funny thing happened this month. Tomorrow's topic was supposed to be "how to keep your business a float when there's construction around you." The idea was to get people who had survived construction periods to come talk about what they did.

But business is even more seat-of-your-pants than library programs, and everyone I spoke to said "It's too soon," or, "I don't know yet if I've survived."

So I will -- at the last minute -- change the topic and move it to a room where I can have laptops for everyone, the Catalina Room on the 2nd floor. It will be a social media drop-in help session. Anyone can come by and get help with their business or nonprofit social media.

If you love local businesses, remember to patronize them, even when there's a little extra trouble to do so.

The June Café is already set, and will be a panel of some of the real cool kids that have moved downtown recently: The new coworking, “maker” and “creator” spaces such as Maker House, Xerocraft, Gangplank, CreateIT, and Maker Faire. I am VERY excited about this one!

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