Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Poll: What’s the worst part of starting or running a business? What’s the best part?

At the Idea+Space Beta Launch we asked everyone who came "What’s the worst part of starting or running a business? What’s the best part?" The results were pretty interesting. Here are the answers.

  • Being your own boss
  • Filling a need
  • Helping people
  • Using all my skills
  • Creating your future
  • Being passionate about my endeavor
  • Building a team and making lifelong friendships & partnerships
  • Thrilled customers
  • Working for yourself
  • Changing people’s lives
  • Being able to circulate your ideas
  • The feeling of self-accomplishment, the satisfaction of success
  • No boss!
  • Working on your own terms
  • Controlling the types of projects
  • Enjoying the payoff from my efforts!
  • A job that fits me!
  • Being creative
  • Needing to draw boundaries and time for you
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Investing more $ than you should
  • Figuring stuff out on your own (or thinking you have to)
  • Feeling isolated
  • No networking
  • Fear
  • Developing a scalable idea
  • Bookkeeping & taxes
  • Feeling alone
  • Knowing it’s going to be a long process
  • Networking as an introvert
  • Lots of responsibility and upkeep
  • Liabilities
  • Financial risk
  • Making payroll
  • Sometimes it’s lonely
  • Long hours
  • Having to do everything 
  • Finding a board for nonprofits
  • Needing to change the plan
  • Licenses & getting the paperwork right
We'll be using this data to plan more programs and recruit mentors. What else would you add?

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